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The Group has a portfolio of more than 40 brands across a broad range of spirits products including vodka, vodka-based flavoured liqueurs, rum, brandy, bitters and limoncello. Many of our products have market or category-leading positions in our core geographic markets.

Božkov Flavours

Božkov Blackberry
Božkov Lime
Božkov Vanilla
  • With subtle blackberry aromas and a delicate, refreshing taste, Božkov Blackberry is created from a combination of the finest blackberry flavours and high quality spirit. It tastes best ice cold or in mixed drinks.
  • A refreshing lime aroma and delicate flavour is achieved by combining the best ingredients. Božkov Lime tastes best ice cold or in mixed drinks.
  • A combination of smooth, pleasant vanilla with high quality spirit, Božkov Vanilla offers a subtle vanilla flavour that tastes best ice cold and mixed drinks.

Our popular Božkov vodka is also available in a range of vodka-based, flavoured liqueurs.

Božkov Flavours are a combination of the finest ingredients and high quality spirit, offering a variety of pleasant flavours with a smooth, delicate taste.

*Product packaging and available sizes may vary across markets and are subject to change.