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Board Diversity Policy

On 5 March 2018 the Nomination Committee recommended, and the Board approved, a Board Diversity Policy. A separate Stock Spirits Group PLC Equality and Diversity Policy applies to all employees in the Stock Spirits Group of companies.

The key statement and objectives of the Board Diversity policy are as follows:

The Board recognises the benefits of diversity and will take into consideration diversity of skills, background, knowledge, international and industry experience, gender and race, amongst many other factors, when seeking to appoint a new Director to the Board. Notwithstanding this, all Board appointments are always made on merit.


  • The Board should ensure an appropriate mix of skills and experience to ensure an optimum Board and efficient stewardship. All Board appointments will be made on merit while taking into account individual competence, skills and expertise measured against identified objective criteria (including consideration of diversity).
  • The Board should ensure that it comprises Directors who are sufficiently experienced and independent of character and judgement.
  • A quota will not be imposed with regard to gender and ethnicity balance, however, both the Nomination Committee and the Board will continue to be aware of the need to ensure the Group reflects a diverse workforce. When considering Board appointments and internal promotions, due regard will be given to the recommendations set out in the Davies Report and the UK Corporate Governance Code, along with ensuring that all appointments are offered on merit and to the best available candidate.
  • In selecting candidates for Board positions, only use the services of those executive search firms who have signed up to the Voluntary Code of Conduct for Executive Search Firms as recommended by the Davies Report.